Reading progress update: I've read 28 out of 201 pages.

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London - Frank Tayell

I love the smell of new books (old books, not so much) but this new book is a Print On Demand that I got last week and I started it last night and it stinks.  Proper stinks.  Like my Grans kitchen after she'd been frying something in lard.


Urgh.  Must be the chemicals they use or something.  I'm hoping it's a one off 'cos I've got another five of the series sitting winking at me from the shelf.

Pride & Prejudice Book Haul!


I was admiring the book haul post from Murder by Death and lamenting the condition of books v's the online marketplace description of books, when I was overcome by a need to share my own book haul for this week.  I debated it for a bit because I'm a bit embarrassed by the amount of books I buy but I couldn't resist sharing my newest pile of Pride & Prejudice spin offs, retellings, variations, vagaries, sequels, prequels...published fanfic...whatever, to do with P&P because it's a thing of beauty.


I've even started a new blog just to deal with my P&P variation addiction :)  Not 'quite' ready to share yet as it's empty atm but it will give me an outlet to fangirl a bit.  I have the good grace to blush a bit when I say these purchases are just from this week. Not a very good pic I'm afraid but you get the idea.


Send help, please.  Thank you,.

A patchwork bookbag...


I've been doing a bit of reading here and there, just haven't felt like reviewing any of it so haven't really posted lately. 


I saw  Moonlight Reader make a post about her new bookbag though and realised I do have something to post about that's sort of booky...I made myself a new patchwork bookbag too!


My old sewing machine was prehistoric so I recently treated myself to a new machine with some of the money I've saved from giving up the cigs and made this tote to test it out.  Sort of flew by the seat of my pants with it and didn't use a pattern, just saw something similar online and went with the flow.  I'd use thinner batting if I made another and probably larger charm squares too but mostly I'm happy with it.


Nice and bright to cart my library books back and forth in.  It only holds 4 or 5  books which is great because it discourages me from going mad and taking out all 15 that I'm allowed at once.  This way I at least get a chance to read them before I have to take them back.   :)



Monthly BFF Book Club Subscription! - MAY

Rivers of London  - Ben Aaronovitch

With BL being so unsettled at the moment I've been mooching around to see what I can scare up in the way of book community replacement should the worst happen here (fingers crossed it won't come to that). There's not a lot out there.


However, the one good thing to come out of all this is that I found Bookstagram and I'm hooked already.  Even if BL is around forever and just keeps getting better and better I think I'll keep with bookstagram too.  It's quite addictive, in a Pinterest kind of way, and there's a sort of community there too...


Anyhoo, I was browsing their #tags from my laptop and my friend (who is a non-reader) was doing her own searches on her tablet and we were oohing and ahhing over the pretty photos when I came across a photo of someones book club package.  Now, I've seen mention of book club subscriptions before because some of my friends here subscribe to some of them I think.  I liked the look of this one that Lagniappe mentioned a while back but it's not open to us here in the UK :(


Oh well.


So, I found some UK ones on bookstagram and the web and my friend and I were checking them out.  The ones we found were for mostly used books and it was random surprises for everyone but the costs seemed way out of proportion to what was being offered. One wanted about £160 for a year!  £160 for 12 secondhand books! My friend was like, "No way!  Even I could do you a club subscription for a quarter of that!  In fact, give me a tenner for what's left of the year and I'll set up my very own BFF Book Club, just for you.  A years worth of amazing reads for a tenner?  You know you want to!". 


I did want to!  So I've signed up, lol!  A tenner gets me a surprise book every month and I've had the first one already even though I only joined yesterday!  She was quick off the mark and snapped up my May BotM (Book of the Month) yesterday afternoon and handed it in last night.  She hasn't been in the library for years she said but went in to get tips about what to choose and saw their booksale shelf crammed with bargains. People hand in their old books and the library just sell them on without introducing them to stock so bargains can be found. She picked up this brand new, unread copy for just 30p!  There was a little bag of sweets in with my package too (eaten already) and a velum bookmark.


June is only a few days away so I'm looking forward to seeing what my BFF club book will be for that month.  My friend says she'll have fun too, hunting down "cheapo" books as the heady world of books is all new to her.  Might even get her tempted to pick up one for herself while she's at it.


Such fun!

Music I'm reading by. 10 hours worth!

Booklikes, why you do this?

Well, seems like I'm back where I was two years ago. Looking for a new home on the web...sorta.  Maybe. 



The situation is a little bit different this time, last time GR pissed me off big style and after 7 years I got the hump and removed all my content and went looking elsewhere.  The 'where' was here at BL and I've never looked back. 


I'm sure everyone has heard by now but for those that haven't...  After following the thread over at the Bug Reports group and a few of the friend feed I follow it seems like BL has been sold. Not a lot of info regarding that yet but coupled with the lack of BL staff presence and bug fixing being ignored (and we are ignored despite constant pleas for info) it's not looking good. What will happen to BL?  I'm not getting a good feeling. Will I have to move again?  Will things here continue as normal with new staff seeing to the smooth running? Will all my friends leave for pastures new? 


I like it here, a lot. I like the interface, the blogging aspect, the ease of it all and most importantly the people here.  I've made so many good friends and I'd hate to lose that.  Plus I'd hate to lose all my content but that's the lesser of the two evils.


I've been spending the last couple of days trying to find another site that might be handy if it it all goes Pete Tong here...there are not a lot of book community sites out therethough.  Those that are there are not really what I'm looking for either. GR was never really great for me, I just stayed there out of laziness really but BL is everything I want from a book site (well, it would be if the database was a bit better) and there's nothing like that out there, I know 'cos I've looked.


So, I'm trying out a few of the alternatives while I wait to see what will happen here.  Not all are really book platforms but I'll make it work for me if I have to.


I was already on LibraryThing and LeafMarks but don't really use those much. Maybe I'll have to learn to love them more.  This week I've joined 4 or 5 new sites most of which I forget for now but it'll come back to me as soon as I hit 'post' I expect but off the top of my head I remember Riffle was one of them (but the interface seems a bit clunky there).   I also set an account on Instagram where it seems there is a bookstagram community that might be interesting. I'll try and challenge myself to posting a book pic at least once a day and maybe that'll be enough in the short term. I'd join Litsy too if I had an apple phone but there's no website yet and no android app.  Sadly.


I have had my blogspot blog for over 7 years so there's always that to fall back on. Coupled with bloglovin' that might be enough for me, if I knew more of my friends here used a blog...  And of course there's always GR which I only really use as a database to track my reading but if anyone wants to hook up there I'm okay with that, I just don't post any content. I also have Twitter and Facebook but don't use those for anything else than looking at everyone elses stuff, I very, very rarely post anything of my own.  Then there was that site that I used for a few weeks last year that some of my Booklikey friends were on....what was that one called again?  Hmmm, I forget....


Urgh! I'm all over the place with all this. I'm not planning on jumping any time soon, I'm just trying to get ahead of the game in case it all goes down the tubes. I don't want to come to log in here one day and find it's all closed up and I've got no clue where everyone went to.  If anyone knows of a great new site or hears of a mass migration somewhere else, please let me know. Please. Thank you.




Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 400 pages.

Jack of Ravens  - Mark Chadbourn

There's a definite chance that this might end up a DNF...


I want to read it because of the time travel and the history but that fantasy label (and high fantasy to boot) is making my teeth hurt.  I just don't get fantasy :/



Reading progress update: I've read 168 out of 565 pages.

The Noah's Ark Quest  - Boyd Morrison

Exposition overload.  I'm on the fine line between DNF'ing and sticking with it a while longer...

Deweys readathon wrapup

Zodiac Station - Tom Harper


Well, I managed one book during the 24 hour readathon and I'm good with that.  I love that I managed to take part in something and managed to complete it so I'm happy.


One book in 24 hours isn't something I can do regularly either so it feels even better.


I read Zodiac Station by Tom Harper and really liked it.  Not really feeling the ending but apart from that last chapter I was into it all the way through.  I read his Orpheus Decent last year and thought it was great too so maybe this is a good author for me to get into.  He has lots of books published so I'll see what else catches my interest.


Well done to everyone who took part in the readathon and kudos to those of you who managed to finish multiple books.  I bow to your uber reading skillz :)

Readathon halfway point

Zodiac Station - Tom Harper

Well, at the halfway point last night it was bedtime and I'd read half a book.  Woke up this  morning with six hours left of the readathon and still have half a book to read.


Oh well, it's the taking part that counts.  Might still make it a one book finish if I can hide away somewhere.

#Readathon - Opening Meme


1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?  Scotland - Near Edinburgh

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? Zodiac Station by Tom Harper

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? Seabrook crisps (cheese 'n onion)

4) Tell us a little something about yourself! I'm wearing mouse slippers while I read.

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?  My first time and I'm just going with the flow.  I'd have been reading today anyway so I won't be doing anything special, it's just nice to be part of something.  It's been a while sine I've been part of anything.

Deweys readathon planned reading...

The Great Zoo of China - Matthew Reilly Zodiac Station - Tom Harper Manchurian Candidate - Richard Condon

Well, so far I've finished The Great Zoo of China but I had already started that one so only had about 100 pages left, and I've started Zodiac Station which was my bargain 25p purchase at the library booksale. 


If I get done with that one (or get bored of it) I'll maybe start Manchurian Candidate (another library booksale 25p bargain).


It all might change as the day wears on but for now, those are my plans :)



Deweys 24 Hour Readathon.


Well, it's readathon day (Apparently.  I didn't know about it 'til I read Debbies post).


Since I've been up since 5:30am this fine Saturday morning, and it's now 10:30am and I've spent most of that time reading - I may as well take part.


Don't know if I can do the whole 24 hours but I'll do what I can :)


Anyone else joining in?


Readathon Home Page: 

Sign Up Page: 

Facebook Group: 


I've read 1 out of 400 pages.

Zodiac Station - Tom Harper

25p from the library hardback sale so we shall see how it goes.  I read and enjoyed his Orpheus Decent so hopefully this might be good too...

New book decisions...

Yesterday I read a whole book.  Today it took me all day just to choose my next read from the shelves...