I probably won't see 50/50 this year.


Not a lot of reading going on here lately so I'm preeety sure I won't be completing any of my reading challenges any time soon. Definitely not this side of 2015 anyway.  Bit vexed actually as it will be the first time I've not managed to meet and exceed my 50/50.  Oh well. 


I might have to read 20 picture books and slide home :D


Went to the optician yesterday and the words 'detached' and 'retina' were mentioned. However, I also heard the words 'might just be jelly that's broken loose', so my money is on that.   I have to go back tomorrow and get some stuff in my eyes that make my pupils go hooooge and is a bit stingy so I'm looking forward to that...Not.


Anyhoo, I haven't been reading much (or posting) but I'm still breathing so it's not all bad news :D  Just wanted to pop in and say Hi.