Are BL tinkering with settings behind the scenes?

Everything is starting to get on my nerves today and all the little things have mounted up to the point where I think I'm going Postal.  Not least of the annoyances is how hard it is to get from A to B on BL.  Whatever I try to do it seems so convoluted and click intensive.  My anticipated relaxing browse around BL is just winding me up even more...


On my blog page my settings are all messed with even though I haven't touched anything. 


My header shows the standard 'title' on top of my header which up to now I've had hidden. 

My sidebar background is missing even though the code for it is still in my css box. 

Ditto for the comment section background. 

My reading challenge widget has suddenly changed to html code in my sidebar.

All other things in my sidebar have disappeared (ie my blogyversary ticker)

My pic link to my AtoZ reading challenge page is gone....


I could go on but I'm losing the will to care...


I tried to find other people's blogs who might be doing the reading challenge to check their widget and I can't see how to easily find other people's challenges from the challenge page.  Is there a way?  I doubt it. That would be too easy.


Whenever I try to get from one page to another I have to click about on different things to get to where I need to be, it's bugging me.  The book pages in particular are really starting to get to me.  How hard is it to have it all on the same page?  Even when I see a book on someone else's list I can't just click the cover and go to the page.  Once on the book page I have to click another button to go to 'book page'.


Read a book?  Good, once you've (finally) got the search function to find the book, click to book's page then click 'book page', click the editions page, find the edition, click to choose edition then click again to confirm you want that edition, add to shelves, click to get the section to pop up where you can add a date....


Why so many clicks? 


I'm obviously in a right mood tonight so this is probably only relevant to me, I just really wanted to check if it's just my blog that's messed up?  I tried emailing BL earlier today about it but if previous times are anything to go by I'll hear from them in next week.


I'm sorry, you nice people shouldn't have to listen to me rant...... I'll get my coat.