This guy is getting on my wick!

Zombie Fallout - Mark Tufo

I've got a backlog of audible books to try and get through and since I'm waaay behind on my reading challenge I thought they might be the perfect way to get back on track.  I can listen to them when I wouldn't be in a position to read...


Tried getting into this one first as it gets such great reviews but the narrator is just not my cup of tea.  I'm not sure if the story is crap or if the guy reading it is just spoiling it for me but his voice is just getting on my nerves.   I think  it might be a bit of both though as the constant wise-cracks are wearing thin.   The guy (in the story) is all about the inner monologue and it's winding me up.


I have this one on my kindle too so I might have to see if it's any better in print, although when that will be I have no clue.  The way things are going here it won't be this side of 2015 :(


In audio this is a DNF but I'm not giving up entirely on it, yet.  I'll give it another shot in print as I have the first three or four in the series.