Do you Tsu?

I have not the foggiest idea of what I'll do over there yet but thanks to Tez I now have a Tsu account. 


A social network site that pays you to participate?  Ok, I'll bite. Tsu Paying users to post.


It's like a cross between facebook and twitter so probably most are familiar with the format already.


I don't facebook or twitter so this may or may not be my cup of tea but either way I'm giving it a whirl.  All the cool kids are doing I'm told. 


If anyone is over there and wants to hook up, I'm at: -


It's invitation only so if anyone wants to check it out and needs a member short-code just put SilverThistle in the code box when joining.



Edit*  After only an hour I'm already liking it.  It's like Facebook but without the annoying and embarrassing family members!  I wish BL had an app then I could have all my bookworm friends on the same device.  I've got my kindle in one hand, my phone in the other and my laptop in the middle :)