Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015


I've been enjoying everyone's 2014 wrap up posts and feel like I should take a look back on my own reading year. 


In a word - Pitiful.


I feel like I should have reviewed more, or read more, or pushed the boundaries a bit more... More something.


It is what it is though.  I had a lot of slumps, a lot of dnf's (although I think that had more to do with my skimpy attention span during the year than anything else)...and a lot of other hobbies that took my attention.


It must be terribly boring for anyone following me. I don't do flashy posts or take part in meme's or post about book bargains and/or trivia.  I kind of march to the beat of my own drum here. 


What I most enjoy about Booklikes is other peoples posts.  I love seeing everyone's updates and watching all the books they've added scroll past on my dashboard. Sometimes I add a 'like' to the posts to let the person know that someone has read what they have to say and they're not just talking to themselves.  Sometimes it's a topic that I can contribute to and I'll stop for a while to chat... It's all fun for me, being amongst all you bookworms out there. I just want to take a moment to say Thank You for making booklikes so fun for me <3


We're all have different tastes and we are scattered around the world but the common denominator is books and I know that on any given day I can find plenty of great posts to grab my attention.  Maybe that's why I don't read more...I spend so long reading everyone's news :D


I don't really have any goals for 2015...Well, apart from the usual, 'Read More'.  I'll be sticking to my yearly challenge of 50 books that I do every year.  It's do-able, I like do-able.


Nothing hard and fast in the way of resolutions for the New Year but I hope I can can get some more of my Little Black Dress Press books read in 2015.  I want to try and clean up my kindle and sort out what I have on there (and actually READ some of them, instead of just admiring them and stroking them), and I'd like to try and not buy too many new ones until I've read what I have already. 


And that's about it really.  No challenges, no undue pressure, no promises.   Just read when I can, enjoy it when I do and blog about it when I feel like it.  In the meantime....


I hope 2015 is everything you're hoping for, and more.


I'll see you on the other side...