Review - Mountain Man by Keith C Blackmore

Mountain Man - Keith C. Blackmore

Not really a review exactly, more of a, "This is a summary of my review" kind of post. I'm all about the feels when it comes to reading so sometimes I don't even know why I like something, I just know that I do.  This is one of those times...


I listened to the prequel of this series last year when it was free on audible (might still be free) and really liked it.  The Hospital  was creepy and chilling and exactly the sort of zombie apocalypse book I like to read...survivors scavenging about.


Anyway, the narrator R.C Bray did a great job and the hour long short story made me go and get the next part, Mountain Man as soon as I'd finished it.


I did like Mountain Man. I liked the characters and the scene setting and the dialogue but the action scenes were a bit much to take in.  Might have been better reading it but listening to it just went too fast to catch it all. It was a bit like the difference between watching a ninja fight scene and having someone write down all the moves for you at the speed the take place.  It just all moves too fast to take in.  "He put this arm there and that leg here and the knife cut over there while he spun back to here and grabbed this other thing which he used to smack that other guy....."  Too much for me to take in when the narrator has quite a fast reading pace.  I just couldn't visualize it fast enough. 


Good story though and very well told. I really like Gus the lead character and have already bought the next one in the series.  I think this next one is about Gus' friend Scott so I'll see how that goes.  I like Scott well enough but I like Gus more.


I may come back and re-do this when I collect my thoughts.  Maybe.





This finish gets me 514 pages closer to 1 Million pages challenge. 84,016/1,000,000