Dnf'ing at chapter 3

The Rich Are Different - Susan Howatch

Urgh, I'm so disappointed.  This cover caught my eye about four years ago and I added it to my wishlist because I was so drawn to it (I'm shallow, yeah).  Finally got it on my kindle last year and it's gathered dust there until I finally cracked it open last night.  I didn't have the first clue what it was about, other than it was to do with rich folk and the Wall street crash of the 1920's.  Good enough.


Started it last night and the first chapter was promising.  Second chapter ended and it was game over.


I can't even remember the names but we'll call him 'Rich guy' and we'll call her 'little girl'.  Urgh, he was God knows how old but kept talking about his 'front hair', whatever that was (but I do know it was on his head o_0) and she was 21.  He's a rich American banker and she's a stupid English girl who needs to borrow money to save her Estate in the country.


The first thing he wants to know about her when he finds out she wants to meet with him is, "Is she a virgin?" 


Turns out she was, until he combed his front hair and took 40 seconds to remedy that.  Ack!.  Whatever.   I just can't do it.


I've just found out it was written in 1983 and was probably considered racey back then but now...it's just lame.


Lots of people seem to like it, but it's not for me.




It's not all bad though, one of my tasks this year is to sort out my kindle and with almost 3k books on it there will be a fair few stinkers no doubt.  I'm not going to force myself to read books that I'm not enjoying in the hopes that they pick up a bit.  If I'm not loving it then it's history. 


I'm off to a great start.