Review - Red winter by Drew Montgomery

Red Winter - Drew Montgomery

I found this one deep down in the far reaches of my kindle shelves so it must have been there some time as I rarely venture down there these days.  I'm guessing it must have been a freebie at some point because there's no way I'd pay the current price of £1.58 for it.  It's 33 pages long.  Granted, it's not too terrible as short stories go, but still...33 pages. 


It's not without some typo's and at least one slippage in tense but overall it was entertaining while it lasted.  I'd actually be happy to read a full book about this apocalyptic world. The zombie apocalypse is always something I can get behind and rarely tire of and this was a nice addition.


It's set out in a sort of blog format and is written by a survivor on his own (If his name was given I don't remember it).  The blog entries are spaced out over about a month and it's nicely done and the pacing is good.  The ending was satisfying but I wish it could have gone on for longer.  It's quite hard to find good zombie fiction that is just about the surviving aspect but this one ticked most of my boxes so a bit disappointed it wasn't longer.  I notice the author has a longer one available called Plague though so I'll maybe give that one a try too. 




This finish gets me 33 pages closer to 1 Million pages challenge. 84,409/1,000,000