Review - Dead Road Vol. 1 by Robert Paine

The Dead Road: Vol. 1 - Isolation - Robert Paine

Just a little mini-review because it's just a little mini-story.  I don't know why I keep trying these serial stories..oh wait, I do...They first parts are free!


51 pages.  It's like a couple of chapters worth and not very satisfying.  The story itself had potential but too much of my reading time was spent picking out typos and tense slippage, wishing ill luck on the characters as they were tstl and wondering if the author was a Brit writing an American setting.


One of my pet hates is when I'm reading a book which set in the UK (even worse if it's Historical fiction) and it's obvious the American author hasn't done their homework and doesn't realise we have different names for things. 


Here, with Dead Road I get the impression that it's the other way around and the Brit hasn't done his homework.  It's set in America and all 51 pages deal with three friends retreating down a mountainside to try and outrun a pack of zombies.  So why then, when the friends make it down to the road, are they talking about walking on the pavement?  Rookie mistake?


They don't deserve to make it down the hill though, if there was any justice they'd have been zombie chow back up at the top. 


Ok, so imagine this - You (a guy) and two of your spooked guy friends are being chased by a pack of zombies down a mountain track and there are a couple dozen of them only 5 minutes behind you on the trail.  You stop for a second to catch your breath and a stray zombie stumbles out of nowhere and knocks you flat and tries to eat you.  Your friend takes a hatchet to it and stoves in it's head.  It's all good but when you get up off the ground you notice there's zombie gunk on the back of your jeans.. Oh noes!.  It's stinky and messy! 


Do you a) Say "Whatev's" and keep running down the mountain because you just wasted 4 minutes of your 5 minute lead while fighting off the stray one?  Or b) strip off your pack, your jeans, your socks and your hiking boots, root around in your pack for clean jeans and barely get your new jeans on before you see the minute lead you had on the zombies has now dwindled to about 10 seconds which results in you taking off barefoot to complete the last 9 miles of the mountain hike to the bottom?


Yeah, I know..


Our MC chose poorly, he went with option 'b'.  Give me a break!


It just goes downhill from there (no pun intended) and I stopped caring about how stupid it was because I knew I only had about 5 more minutes until it was finished.


It'll come as no shock to hear that I won't be buying any further into the series.



Great story and one I'd highly recommend.



This finish gets me 51 pages closer to my 1 Million pages challenge. 84,780/1,000,000