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And Only to Deceive - Tasha Alexander

"I never thought I should live to hear my own daughter speak to me in such a manner. Samuel, where are my smelling salts?  I think I'm ill."  My father, humoring her, put the smelling salts under her nose.


My gran used to keep a bottle of smelling salts in her house, probably left over from her mother's time.  It was a tiny glass bottle, probably less than two inches tall and filled with little crystals the colour of Eau de Nil green .  They looked like oversized sugar granules. 


Being a curious child I went to get them from the drawer one day to have a sniff.  Yeah, won't ever do that again.  They REEKED!  Just about landed on my back with the force I flew back from the bottle!  My eyes are watering just from the memory of how bad they smelled.


I've fainted plenty of times (I'm epileptic and sometimes have little mini episodes which result in little more than a faint) but I've smelled those salts once already and I'd never willingly put them near my nose again, not for any reason.  They must have been made of stronger stuff back then if they could stand to sniff this more than once and still go back for more!