Anyone interested in reviewing?


I've received a review request from this author but I've got too much on the go just now to accept it and wondered if anyone here would like to give these a read?  He didn't ask me to tout for reviewers though, I offered as I thought they sounded like good stories and he's happy to be put in touch if you'd like to read and review either one or both of these. 


Thriller's are not really my go-to books but I know lots of my BL friends read in that genre so thought to post here in case anyone has space for a new book :)


Books for review are:




I'm not connected to the author in any way, don't know him and never even heard of him before his email arrived today but the books seem to get good reviews and I thought they might appeal to someone here. 


Let me know in a pm (or here in the comments) if it sounds appealing and I'll hook you up :)