Review - Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh

Shovel Ready - Adam Sternbergh

I'm not in the least surprised that the film rights for this have been optioned by Warner Bros, it's such a great story and will make a brilliant movie. I can't wait to see it (I'm led to believe that Denzel Washington in is line for the lead). I can't really pin down the genre, it's a not quite Dystopian Futuristic Thriller Noir. Kind of.

Regardless of which pigeon hole it slots into, I just devoured it. It's SO good. Exactly the sort of story I lap up. It's like a loose mash up of the movies Leon and Inception, mixed in with bits of The Matrix and a good dollop of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Having said that, it still manages be different enough to be new and interesting.

I wasn't even half way through this but based on what I'd read up to that point I rushed off to buy the second book Near Enemy.

The writing style is a little unusual and is similar to McCarthy's The Road but it fits perfectly with the subject matter and it's very well done. It's so well written and had I not known in advance that this was a debut novel I'd never have guessed. Not in a million years. This fellow can write! Believable and interesting characters, great dialogue and brilliant plot. I just loved it all.

I've got a pile of other books waiting to be read but I'm heading straight into the next one of this as I'm not ready to let Spademan's world go yet. I'm so glad there's another book in the series I can get stuck into.

Can't recommend this enough. It's gory, grisly and very dark in places but it's not without humour and I'll definitely go back and read this at some point.

Brilliant story!


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This finish gets me 256 pages closer to my 1 Million pages challenge. 85,904/1,000,000