Review - The May Bride by Suzannah Dunn

The May Bride - Suzannah Dunn

I received this one a few weeks ago from LittleBrown but I hadn't requested it and hadn't even heard of it before it showed up at my door so I put it to the side for a while until I could decide if I was likely to be in the mood for it or not.  I used to read quite a lot of Historical and had a real soft spot for Tudor fiction but it's been ages since I dipped back into the genre.


I like something gentle every now and then though, to break up the zombie killing and I'm so glad to have had this one to hand because I really liked it.


Now, aside from reading a lot of Tudor fiction I don't know a great deal about them.  I usually Google a little bit after I've finished a book but it's just a light search to see what's real and what's not.  I don't really mind if it's completely made up or just loosely based on known facts because most times I don't know the facts to start with and can just get caught up in the story. 


I know not the first thing about Jane Seymour so was looking forward to finding out a bit more of her time as Queen.  Since she's the narrator I thought I'd be taken right into the thick of it all.  I love a bit of palace intrigue :D


Jane's not the May Bride of the title though, that honour goes to her sister-in-law Katherine who marries Jane's eldest brother Edward in the first chapter.


That disappointment aside, I actually really liked her story.  I didn't really like most of the characters (the Seymours) and it all takes place 10+ years before Jane is Queen so pretty much 90% of it is set at Wolf Hall where the Seymours live so there's little to zero court intrigue, and not a lot happens and it's all pretty pedestrian...but I still liked it. It's a good story.


I'm surprised how much I liked it, actually.  One of the things that REALLY rubs me up the wrong way is modern speech in an Historical setting, and this has that in bucketful's.   Jane Seymour would not say to her brother Thomas, "Tough, suck it up, Sunshine" (yeah, that one almost yanked me out of it), and her s-i-l Katherine (when asked how she learned to swim) would not say, "Dunno, just did".  And I'm pretty sure that Jane's elder brother Thomas when asked a question would NOT answer with, "How the Fuck should I know?".  Granted, things were getting a bit heated by that point but I'd put money on that not being what he went with as an answer. 


Unlikely as it sounds, for some reason none of that seemed to matter as much to me as it usually does.  I registered it, yes, but it didn't bother me.  Which is weird.  I've since found out that a modern style is something that Ms Dunn favours but this was my first of hers so it was all new to me.  It probably won't be my last though, I'm already looking to see what else she's done.


Oh, and I've never seen so many colons and commas in one place before.  My goodness!





This finish gets me 370 pages closer to my 1 Million pages challenge. 86,274/1,000,000