Positive by David Wellington

Positive: A Novel - David Wellington

This isn't a review because I can't put into words how disappointed I am.


When I was offered this by the publisher I jumped at the chance because it sounded so great.  I even put my aversion to Edelweiss to one side so I could download it. 


For around 45% I was loving it. It was shaping up to be a five star read.  Zombie virus, pockets of survivors, world gone to hell...all the good stuff. But then, before even the half way mark it became a chore to read and it felt like two different books.  A great one followed by a tedious one.  I only enjoyed half of it so it only gets half the stars.


It's told in a Memoir style by Finn (the MC) from some indeterminate time in the future (about 20 years after the start zombie apocalypse) and although it's well written it could have been much, much more.  To be honest the only reason I forced myself to finish it was so that I could count the pages towards my Million Pages Challenge.


I've read one of David Wellington's books before, one of his other zombie books and I wasn't a fan, but that was some years ago so I thought I'd give him another try.,,


Nope, still not a fan.


By the time I limped to the end there was so little about the zombies that I forgot it was a zombie book. 


Urgh, I can't even.  I have not the words.




This finish gets me 448 pages closer to my 1 Million pages challenge. 86,782/1,000,000