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Reign of Blood - Alexia Purdy

I don't get it...She's on her own and looking for her family in a city of blood thirsty vampires (Vegas) and yet she drives her van to a car park and then walks to all the casinos to check them out.  Why not take the van? 


Also, casino's are pretty large?  Like the Luxor?  It has the potential to be riddled with vampire nests (or hives or whatever they're called) around every corner and it takes her about 10 mins to check the whole place (in the dark with a flashlight) and decide that they're not there and she moves on to the next casino?  I'm not buying it.


I really want this to be a good one but she's already starting to bug me.  Why would she leave her locked down bunker in the dead of night to check out a vampire(y) figure wandering around outside that she sees on the close circuit tv?  Makes no sense.  It can't get in and doesn't know she's there anyway so why go out in the dark?