TBR Thursday #4

Moonlight Reader started TBR Thursday and although I don't usually join in with meme's I'm going to dip in and out of this one as it might be an incentive to me to work through my pile... I'm only going to add the physical copies I get, not the kindle copies.  This is a bit of a cop-out as I'm more inclined to buy ebooks these days than I am paper books but hey, this is my TBR Thursday and I can be in denial if I like :D


Well now, it's been forever since I did a TBR Thursday because I haven't actually acquired any paper books.  Plenty Tons of ebooks but I've shown restraint on the paper front.   I have paper this week though so it's time for my TBR #4.


Only one purchase, a birthday gift and a publisher submission.  I'm looking forward to them all...




I bought a copy of Mansfield Park in the charity shop at the weekend.  It's not this cover though, BL doesn't seem to have my edition.  It's an old Pan Classiscs from 1974 and has the local High School's library stamp in it.  The student must have liked it so much the just never returned it.  I smiled when I saw that the previous owner had written their name on the inside front cover...  David McDonald.  He even put the date next to his name, possibly to remind him of when he read it.  6th August 1983.  I love that David loved Mansfield Park enough to liberate it from the High School.


The second book is the copy I received for my birthday.  Emma and the Vampires.  I already have a Pride & Prejudice Reading list but might have to adapt it to a Jane Austen Reading list.  There are just so many variations of her books.  I wonder what Jane would think if she knew fans were writing fanfic of her books!


Lastly, The Pink Suit was sent by Little Brown.  I didn't request it so it was a nice surprise from the postie this morning.  It sounds interesting and I might start that one tonight.  

Anyhoo, that's it for this week's TBR Thursday.  Better get working on those books so I can clear the decks for the next entry...Whenever that is. :D


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