Review - Mr Classical by Warren Fielding

Mr Classical: A Great Bitten Tale (Great Bitten: Deadlands Book 1) - Warren Fielding

I first stumbled across Great Bitten quite by accident while mooching around Amazon for a new End Of The World read. I got sucked in from the first page and raced through it. Since the next in the series hasn't been published yet (June this year I believe) I thought I'd have a bit of a wait to find out where Warren was headed but was pleased to find this little novella to tide me over. I really love that the series is set in the UK, it makes it all seem a bit more real.

I just lap up the Great Bitten stuff. Warren Fielding can't write fast enough for me.

Mr Classical is a character from the first book and although we never actually get to meet him in that story (it's just a fleeting mention of him) I thought he would be a great character to find out more about....And here he is, in his own little story!


Monty is such an interesting character. A music aficionado, he lives in a block of flats in Brighton and most of the other residents are elderly and ill-equipped to cope (or even acknowledge) a zombie apocalypse. On the face of it Monty isn't really equipped either but this little story follows his snippet in the big scheme of things while the outbreak is unfolding and it's such fun to watch it come together. From reading the first book I could picture what was happening because I knew how it was playing out in other places but you don't need to have read Great Bitten first in order to enjoy this. I'd highly recommend reading GB first though, to get the full effect. You'd be missing out on such a great apocalypse if you don't.

He's likeable in his eccentricity and funny in a sort of dead-pan way. He's not a joke a minute kind of guy but his observational humour is spot on and he makes a great double act with Gloria, one of the other residents. The outbreak strikes while he's waiting for his partner, Alec, to arrive by train and the phone calls between the two flesh out a little more of Monty's character (and Alec's. I'd love to read his story too.) Although it's fairly short there's a lot packed in and as the story progressed I got really wrapped up in Monty's situation. I really liked all the characters actually. I could read about them and others all day. I'm really drawn to character driven stories and that's exactly what I got here, great characters backed up by great writing and a great plot.

It's got a little bit of everything and I really enjoyed it. A brilliant addition to the Great Bitten series and I'll hope for many more like it!



This finish gets me 82 pages closer to my 1 Million pages challenge. 87,473/1,000,000