I'm still breathing....

Well, it's been a while, no? 


I've been quite poorly and that's not looking to change in the near future but I've been checking out your blogs regularly and even commenting now and then when I can, but it's not enough. I miss everyone :(


I haven't really had it in me to make my own posts but I enjoy reading everyones news and for a while that was working...  now I feel like I want (need) to reach out a bit more though so that I don't get too isolated and will be trying to update whatever I'm reading (listening to) as I go.  Not a lot of reading going on, to be honest, but what little there is I'll try and jot down a reminder of what I thought about it because I'm forgetting what I've read almost as soon as I've read it.


Despite my lack of reading my book buying hasn't slowed any, if anything it has got worse!  Maybe I'll post pics of my splurges in an attempt to shame myself into actually opening some of them.


Anyhoo, I'm here and still breathing but mostly in a lurker capacity.