I've read 40 out of 409 pages and feel like I've been here before....Plus FREEBIES!

Dead Days: The Complete Season One Collection (Books 1-6) - Ryan Casey

I'm about six chapters into this and I'm thinking "I've been here before, I think..."  I knew exactly what was about to happen and how it would happen but beyond a few chapters it all seemed new to me.


Hmmm, I decided it might have been a DNF but that didn't make any sense either as I was actually enjoying it.  So, a bit of digging has unearthed that this Season One book of Dead Days was actually first released as six seperate 'Episodes'.  I hate episodes.  It seems to be really popular in Post Apocalyptic fiction and I can't stand it.  I got the first episode of Dead Days right around the time that I was sick to the back teeth of being sold 'books' that were nothing more than a half dozen chapters and labeled Episode.  Then I was expected to fork out a ton of cash for the next five Episodes and usually for around £2.50 each.  Not a chance. 


So it turns out that I did read the first episode and actually liked it but wasn't playing the money for old rope game with the author and his chopped up book releases so it ended there.  Now, chances are I got the first 'book' for free because that's how they like to sucker you in, give you the first one for nowt then charge you through the nose if you want to read the rest but I wasn't biting.  That is until I saw the first (complete) Season one for free and downloaded it and now I can read it in its entirety, the way books are supposed to be.


Turns out I can get the second season free too if I subscribe to the authors newsletter so I'm all over that!  Can't beat a freebie.  If you'd like season one and two of the series then go here and sign up by entering your email address - http://ryancaseybooks.com/fanclub/ If you'd just like Season One without the newsletter sign-up then it's free on Amz UK at the moment and possibly US too.    Both books really are books and full stories of the Apocalypse done UK stylee.  I'm liking them!