The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J Walker

The End of the World Running Club - Adrian J Walker

Well, it's not really the end of the world as there are still lots of people left in the world after the devastating meteorite strike, but it seems like almost everyone is gone.


Feel a bit annoyed with this one, actually.  The first 50% I loved, totally lapped it up and felt sure this was shaping up to be a five star read.  Almost as soon as the 50% mark got breached though it went downhill fast.  Not sure what changed really but around the time the running started was when I switched off.  It went from gripping and brilliant to dreary and boring, urgh, such disappointment.


The guy can write and his characters are believable and engaging but all I can focus on is how crap the second half was.  I can't even be bothered to write about it, such is my disappointment...


*Advance reader copy received for review purposes*