Review - Bear is Broken by Lachlan Smith

Bear is Broken (Leo Maxwell 1) - Lachlan Smith

I read plenty of thrillers whether they be police procedural, PI or just general crime but I haven't really dipped much into the Legal Thriller and thought this might be a fast read to get a feel for it. Turns out I do like the genre and this story has made me want to read more, but it's not without it's faults.


First of all there's the main character, Leo - He comes across as a right idiot. I hope he matures over the course of the next books because in this one he hasn't got a clue. He jumps from one hypothesis (and suspect) to another without much in the way of deduction, just a guess of who it might be and then he's sold on that idea until someone else puts another name in his mind and then he switches to that new person as his guilty party. I couldn't work out why he did most of what he did and/or thought, to be honest, he just shambles from one thing to another without much in the way of logical thought...well, not that I could see anyway. He's a terrible judge of character and is either very naive or gullible or a combination of both and a few times I almost gave up on him and laid the book aside for good because he was so annoying.


But - that didn't happen because I actually couldn't leave it sitting for long and wanted to know how it ended. It's a good story and although there are plot holes and characters/actions that make no sense it's not a terrible story. The ending felt rushed and more could have been made of it but it is what it is.


It sounds like I didn't like it much but I did. It's frustrating and annoying and lacking in places but the plot isn't too bad, as debuts go, and I'm hopeful that the author will find his stride in the next and later novels. I'm looking forward to them.


I received this free title from the publisher for review purposes.




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