Book Haul!

I love seeing book haul posts and always think I'll do them of these days.  I lack the picture taking skillz because my phone has a crappy camera (lets blame it on the tools) so it usually doesn't get any further than the thinking stage.  I saw the post by It's a Books World today though and thought, "Right, today is the day..."


So, here is my book haul pics.  The first pic is from publishers for review and the second pic is books I've bought for myself, both piles are from over the last week or so.



I've just noticed that V M Giambanco's The Gift of Darkness is there in the second pic  and that was from last week and I've already reviewed that one (plus it should be in the first pile anyway *sigh*) so just ignore that one.  Currently I'm reading #2 The Dark in that series and I bought that one myself last week in preparation of getting to #3 Blood and Bone (which also should be in the first pile).  Urgh, such confusion when the covers all look too similar.



Anyhoo, picture skills aside - This is me haul!  The first pile is a mixture of genres but it's clear to me looking at the second that I'm on a definite Thriller kick when it comes to purchases!  Looking forward to all of them though - In due course :D