I've read 36 out of 437 pages.

The Dark: Written by V. M. Giambanco, 2014 Edition, (UK Airports) Publisher: Quercus Publishing Plc [Paperback] - V.M. Giambanco

I learn something new every day. 


From page 36: "She left the truck, got into her Honda and drove off .  The pickup's lights followed her until the exit to Forks."


I'm like, "Woah, I wonder if it's the same Forks?!"  I thought maybe there might be more than one.  So I google where Forks is and yes, it's in Seattle (where my book is set) and as I'm scanning through what the area of Forks has to offer I see mention of the Hoh forest which is where my character is standing on page 36!  It dawns on me that the forest where Bella tells Edward that she knows he's a vampire is actually the Hoh forest. 


I have no idea why that would be a Zomg! moment but it really tickled me :D