Review - The Dark by V.M Giambanco

The Dark: Written by V. M. Giambanco, 2014 Edition, (UK Airports) Publisher: Quercus Publishing Plc [Paperback] - V.M. Giambanco

Well, this was much better than the first one (The Gift of Darkness). I liked the first one well enough but overall the pace was poor and particularly the tediously slow first half which almost prompted a DNF.   I was sent #1 and #3 in the series for review so bought this one to bridge the gap as I hate reading out of sequence.  Definitely a more rounded story with none of the previous book issues.


I liked that most of the characters from the earlier story were still involved and I'm getting to know them all a bit better.  I'd love a romance between Madison and Cameron but that's probably an idle wish, considering their differences. 


Anyway, really good story and lots of layered plot to get my teeth into.  I actually guessed who the villain was around the half way point and that's something I'm rarely able to pull off.  Fairly quick read for me and I was picking it up every chance I got see if I was right and the ending was all the more satisfying because I saw it coming.


On to the third one now, Blood and Bone and I hope it's more of the same.




Annnnd, it's 467 more pages added to my One Million pages in my lifetime challenge!