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Match Me If You Can - Michele Gorman

      'So I said something fairly tame like...'  She lowered her voice.  So embarrassing.  'Like I'd wear a body stocking.  He said he'd like that.  Then he asked if I'd wee on him while he wore the body stocking.'

      'Wow,' Catherine said, keeping a straight face, Rachel noted.  She probably had a tick box on the website for such fetishes.

      'That's sick!' Sarah said. 'You should have reported him to the police.'

      'For what?  Wanting to wee on me?  It's not a crime.  The crime was that I didn't just get up and leave.  But it seemed rude not to finish my drink.  That's when it got really weird.'

      'That's when it got weird?'  Catherine said.

      'Did he start punching himself?'  Sarah asked.

      Rachel shook her head.

      'No, no punching...?'

      Sarah's mind worked in mysterious ways.



"Did he start punching himself?"  Bahahahah! I actaully lol'd out loud at Sarah!