A patchwork bookbag...


I've been doing a bit of reading here and there, just haven't felt like reviewing any of it so haven't really posted lately. 


I saw  Moonlight Reader make a post about her new bookbag though and realised I do have something to post about that's sort of booky...I made myself a new patchwork bookbag too!


My old sewing machine was prehistoric so I recently treated myself to a new machine with some of the money I've saved from giving up the cigs and made this tote to test it out.  Sort of flew by the seat of my pants with it and didn't use a pattern, just saw something similar online and went with the flow.  I'd use thinner batting if I made another and probably larger charm squares too but mostly I'm happy with it.


Nice and bright to cart my library books back and forth in.  It only holds 4 or 5  books which is great because it discourages me from going mad and taking out all 15 that I'm allowed at once.  This way I at least get a chance to read them before I have to take them back.   :)