Pride & Prejudice Book Haul!


I was admiring the book haul post from Murder by Death and lamenting the condition of books v's the online marketplace description of books, when I was overcome by a need to share my own book haul for this week.  I debated it for a bit because I'm a bit embarrassed by the amount of books I buy but I couldn't resist sharing my newest pile of Pride & Prejudice spin offs, retellings, variations, vagaries, sequels, prequels...published fanfic...whatever, to do with P&P because it's a thing of beauty.


I've even started a new blog just to deal with my P&P variation addiction :)  Not 'quite' ready to share yet as it's empty atm but it will give me an outlet to fangirl a bit.  I have the good grace to blush a bit when I say these purchases are just from this week. Not a very good pic I'm afraid but you get the idea.


Send help, please.  Thank you,.