Reading progress update: I've read 37 out of 234 pages.

Exclusion Zone - J.M. Hewitt

Gah!  I'm conflicted!  This book feels like it was written for me.   If for no other reason than it's set (mostly) in Pripyat which is the town that housed the Chernobyl workers.  It's a dual timeline story that covers the day of the disaster in 1986 and also crimes taking place there in 2015.   I have something of an obsession with Pripyat and was all over this like a rash when I saw it advertised on BritCrime.  I hit that buy button within 5 seconds of reading the blurb.


But - and it's a BIG 'but' - it's written in first person present tense.  I hate that. 


Oh man, I'm vexed.  I'll probably keep going with it but it's bugging me that I can't get into the story properly because I'm focusing on how much I hate the tense used...