OMG! Finally able to post!!!

I have no idea when I last posted but I'm guessing it was about 20 million years ago because that's how long it feels like!


I haven't had a 'text post box' to write my post in since all that hooha with the slow site etc.    Did anyone else lose their box?  It's been well over a month for me. I guess not as I see lots of posting going on on my dash.


Anyhoo, between the slow site back when, feeling a bit poorly and then the missing box I've been absent for so long I feel a out of my depth now I can post again.  Not sure why I've finally got a box back but I'm glad I have.


While I've been gone I've been reading a bit here and there and mostly it's been JAFF.  That's a new find for me and I'm obsessed with it!  JaneAustenFanFiction,  Can't get enough of it!  Does anyone else read it?  It's not online like the Harry Potter stuff though, it's actual printed books (and ebooks but I'm stickin to paper).  I've been making a new blog especially for it in case this one didn't come back on for me, but the new one is on blogspot like my other one.  If anyone wants to catch up now and then I'm over there quite a lot lately, behind the scenes tinkering with it and making it how I like it.  It's new so there's nothing really on it yet but it's a work in progress :)


So, that's my news, such as it is.  Not a lot going on really apart from reading a bit here and there.  I miss you all though


*Edit* Forgot to say...So far I've found 844 JAFF books (not counting the ebook only ones!) so my reading list is pretty full for the next 20 years :D