Happy New Year.

Well, I was hoping 2017 would be a fresh start for BL but it's as bad as ever for me.


Flakey, slow to load (that endless spinning More Posts does my head in every three posts), no pics loading on anyone's posts, comments that I type just delete so I need to start again, trying to type this message and the text box keeps disappearing...the list goes on and on....It's too much. I saw the bug report posts that promise someone is back behind the wheel and it's all good again - but it's not and I've had enough.


I love you all and I'll drop in regularly but for now, I'm out. I'll be back at GR and in my groups there and also my blog(s) are my project for 2017.


Hope your 2017 is brilliant!


Edit* and after posting all the formatting got stripped out.  Sigh*