Mills & Boon Mystery boxes!...

Last Summer, back when we were still mingling freely, I bought a couple of mystery boxes at a nearly Car Boot Sale.  I knew they were all Mills & Boon but didn't bother to check them all as the seller only wanted £5 a box.  I'll have 2 please and thank you!   Almost 200 books for a tenner...yeah, go on then!


How many of those books have I read so far?  Zero. Count them.  NONE! 


Fast forward several months and I see a post here from Portable Magic about this book and it got me itching to see what was in my boxes.  Turns out it's a lot of cringe but I'll work through them and am looking forward to it.  I've barely lifted a book for months, whether it be print, kindle or audible, so I'm looking forward to whatever the box gives me. 


Have only found one of the boxes so far and can't remember where I stashed the other one but this one is enough to be getting on with as there are 75 books in it.


Bring on the cringe!!


Gorgeous Scottish afternoon in the garden with a glass TUMBLER of G&T in hand and I've picked the top one to be starting with.  I'm going in! 



The Playboy Firefighter's Proposal by Emily Forbes