Ta Da!! Booklikes completed reading challenge 2020!!


Couple of not so good things about this tough.

1) I don't know how it happened and can't seem to re-create it despite trying soooo many times since..

2) 7 reads isn't actually what my challenge was set at, I just changed it to 7 afterwards to match the 7 books that were added with read dates.

3) The 7 books are not actually books I've read this year, and one of them is on the list twice. lol.


This next bit is a bit waffle-y as I'm not sure how it happened but just in case anyone is interested and/or cares...here's teh waffle.


Last week I was wondering how to get my dates to update for my read books and thought maybe I could add some dates on GR and then import the file into BL.  So far, so good but I didn't have many actual read books on my GR either so I picked some that I was planning to read this year (about 30) and added read dates to them and added them to a shelf called 2020 so that it might be easier to spot them if the import worked. The first time I tried I got a Cloudflare 504 error on upload that said it was BL fault (oh rly?!) and it didn't go through. I tried again (and again) and got the same issue. I thought maybe the file was too big so I tried just picking the 30 books that were 2020 and edited the excel file to just those and tried again.  Cloudfare error again but I checked the upload page and I was showing as about 4000+ books waiting to upload (yikes) and a wait time of 7 hours  with 0 added to my shelves.




None of them showing on my challenge though but small steps.  .....Fast forward to 2 days later and it was still sitting at the same stage with the same  7 hour prediction and numbers and nothing uploaded.


Then I thought maybe I could upload from LibraryThing.  I had to upload my GR books to LT and then export from there to BL.  Made the file the extension BL needed it to be and got an error message and it didn't import.  *sigh*. However,  now my books had updated to about 6000+ books waiting to upload and still the '7 hour' timeline.


Gave up at this point.  About 4 or 5 days worth of imports, errors on the imports and challenge still not updated....


2 days later I checked the import page again and nothing was changed on the import page and it was still a 7 our completion time given.  Yea right!  But this time my challenge banner at the top of the dashboard was showing that 7 books had been read in 2020!!.  Wooohooo!! Almost lost my shit at that point!


I'll take my wins where I find them and updated my challenge page to say I was planning to read 7 books this year and like magic I've now got the 'Congrats! message.


I can't re-create it and have no clue what I did to make it work but somewhere along the line the import (or at least 7 of the books) went through.


I'm sorry I can't be more positive, I don't know how it happened or how to make it happen again or how to include all of the books. I just wanted to let everyone know that if the challenge thing bothers anyone, just import thousands of book a few times from GR and maybe an update form LT too and a few will maybe update.  Maybe.  :D  My OCD can't stand that my challenge badges on my blog page were going to be missing the 2020 completed challenge.  It's not the right number or the right books but at least now it's showing as completed for when the time comes.


It's probably just me that cares, but I just wanted to share :)