Review - The Greatest Love Story Of All Time by Lucy Robinson

The Greatest Love Story of All Time - Lucy Robinson

This has so many good reviews, I thought I was in for a great read. I was disappointed.

There was a lot of swearing in this one and despite not being bothered by it I did think it was a bit overdone for a Chick-lit read. That's not the reason I didn't warm to this story though...the single defining reason that this was a terrible read for me was Fran's Scottish friend, Dave. Yes, he's funny and yes he's a good friend to Fran but as soon as he called her by the cute little 'nickname' he had for her I couldn't bear him.

I'm Scottish so I've heard that word used plenty, and in it's proper context. It's really NOT a nice name. It certainly isn't a name to be used in affection for a close (female) friend by a man. *shudder*

There's no grey area here, it's just simply not a name anyone would want to be called. It's derogatory. The word might sound harmless to someone who's unsure of it's meaning, but it's really not.

Had it been used once I might have been able to overlook it. Maybe. But it's used over and over and over. If Dave were real he'd find himself without any friends if he persisted in calling them that name.

I can only assume the Author knows the word from a Scottish acquaintance and used it without knowing the connotations. It was a terrible choice of word. Had she checked the Urban Dictionary she'd have been in no doubt that it was a poor choice.

For me, that word just sucked all the joy out of reading this.


Note: I received a free copy of this title from the publisher.