Review - Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

Red Moon - Benjamin Percy

I was very excited about this one when I was sent a lovely big hardback to review. Everything I've read about this suggested a werewolf apocalypse and I was all over it. It took a long time to get into though as the writing style is not something I enjoyed in the beginning. It's very strange. I eventually stopped noticing it (as much) and made my peace with it but now that I'm finished I'm not sure what to think overall. It's well written and it's interesting and it does have werewolves (lycans) in it but I didn't really get the apocalypse that I was looking forward to so I'm a bit disappointed.

I've seen this compared to The Twelve by Justin Cronin and that should have rung warning bells for me as I struggled to get through that one too.

The Red Moon of the title only made one appearance on page 400-ish and the end of the world it heralded didn't really happen. At least, not in a way that conforms to my idea of 'end of the world'.

'Political Allegory' are words that seem to be bandied about in the reviews I've seen and that's probably closest to what this is all about, it just has some of the cast stricken with the lycan virus. I'm not big on 'Political' so maybe that's why I didn't like it more. I'm not sure...

I'm sure a lot of readers will rave about this but unfortunately I'm not one of them.

Note: I received a free copy of this title from the publisher.