Review - Betrayal At Falador by T.S Church

RuneScape: Betrayal  at Falador - First Wesleyan Church

I'm an adult who has enjoyed playing Runescape for many years. I assume that this book is primarily aimed at teens/young adults but couldn't resist seeing Runescape brought to life in the pages and hoped some familiar faces got a mention. I wasn't disappointed - Sir Amik Varse (Ceramic Vase), Sir Vyvin (surviving), Doric and Sir Tiffy Cashien (certification) to name a few, played big roles and some new characters were introduced too.

For anyone who has played Runescape, the book's appeal will be that you are familar with the landscape and characters mentioned, however, this is a stand-alone story so can be enjoyed even without prior knowledge of the game.

If you like the Fantasy/Military genre then this may be the book for you. For me however, the fantasy was too little and the military too much. It started well and promised to be an interesting 'page turner', but as soon as the 'monster's' story was revealed (about a third of the way through) it just seemed to be one battle after another between warring knights. Perhaps I'm left with feelings of disappointment because whilst the fight scenes were well written, there just wasn't enough focus on Runescape's fantasy element. Pitched battles for page after page made it hard to keep going at points and I'm not sure that the character side stories went far enough to hold interest.

For me, it read as if the authour ran out of ideas half way through and relied on swordplay and military strategy to see things to the end.

As Runescape's first work of fiction though, I'm glad I read it. Despite my misgivings, I will read the follow on book(s).........