Review - The Sleekit Mr Todd by Roald Dahl (translated into Scots by James Robertson)

The Sleekit Mr Tod - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl

Fantastic Mr Fox translated into Scots edition by James Robertson. Don't know about the English version, haven't read that one but this one in my own language is hilarious! :)


Synopsis from the Scots Wikipedia:


The Sleekit Mr Tod is a bairn's novelle written by Breetish author Roald Dahl. It wis setten furth in 1970 by George Allen & Unwin in the Unitit Kinrick an Alfred A. Knopf in the Unitit States, wi illustrations by Donald Chaffin. The beuk wis later setten furth wi new illustrations by Jill Bennett, Tony Ross an Quentin Blake. The story is aboot Mr Tod an hou he begowks his fermer neebours for tae steal thair fuid frae richt unner thair nebs.



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