Review - The Dechronization of Sam Macgruder by George Gaylord Simpson

The Dechronization of Sam Magruder - Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Jay Gould, George Gaylord Simpson, Joan Simpson Burns

This is such a great little story! The bright pink cover is at odds with the storyline but don't let that put you off, I actually quite like the's 'quirky'. A very quick read and therein lies it's only ended too soon. I hung on every word and would have liked to see many, many more of them.

The book was only ever intended as an amusement for the author, but by chance was it found after his death and published, and lucky for us that it was.

Short synopsis would be that an academic (Sam McGruder) from the far future (the year 2162), travels back in time to a place in prehistory where dinosaurs roamed, with no chance of ever getting back. Now, it's not JUST the story that hooks the reader, it's all the thought provoking ideas that the story presents too. What would I do? How would I cope? Would I cope?!

I wanted it to go on and on and on......

It's very short so any details I give are likely to be spoilers but it's a great book and one not to be missed. From the moment you pick it up it will draw you in. Even if it's not your usual type of reading material, it's still worth the read.

Remember....don't let the pink cover put you off!