Review - Ferney by James Long

Ferney - Joanna / Ann Voss Peterson / Elle James / Kathleen Long / Cassie Miles / Jessica Andersen Wayne

I picked up Ferney as the third book in my '3 for 2' offer at Waterston's, without knowing the first thing about it. The cover drew me and the blurb on the back sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I'm so glad I was tempted because it's such a fantastic book.  It's A love story spanning countless years (and lifetimes.  It's not exactly reincarnation, but it's a variation of it....kinda), and I really, really felt for Gally and Ferney, imagining how they must have struggled to find each other in some of their lifetimes. I loved when they managed to get together at the same time in their lives and hated when they overshot each other through no fault of their own. Their very first lifetime together actually moved me when it was revealed exactly what caused them to be so intertwined.

I had a real problem with Gally's husband though. What a misery he was.  But then I wonder how my own spouse would be if I were in Gally's position.  Probably no different. However, still don't like him *shrug*. I just wanted Gally and Ferney to be together forever and it pained me when they weren't or had interruptions.

I didn't see the 2 big revelations at the end coming though. It came as such a shock. I almost wept when I found out where Gally had been prior to being 'this' Gally (that makes no sense, I'll HAVE to read it) and the end twist was so beautiful but bittersweet at the same time. It left me thinking how that would work out for them both, for days on end after finishing the book.

Such a beautiful, thought provoking book and one that is definitely worth the read, even if it's not your usual type of reading material.

I keep wondering now if I share my present life with loved ones I've spent time with in other lifetimes. I'd like to hope so.