Review - I Spied a Pale Horse by Mark Timlin

I Spied a Pale Horse - Mark Timlin

I read a lot of Apocalyptic/Post Apocalypse books but for some reason this one has been flying below my radar and it was only by accident I found it. How have I missed this one for so long?! I'm so glad I chanced upon it because it's brilliant! I don't know why this doesn't have a bigger following and isn't better known and fans of this genre are missing out if they haven't read this because it's one of the better ones I've read lately.

One of the reasons I really got into it is because it's set in the UK, which is a nice change from the usual American setting. It makes for a more realistic read if I have half an idea of the places and practices that are written about. I think that the 'realism' is what really makes this book though, there's no supernatural reasoning for the end of the world, there's nobody with special powers or abilities, there are no mutations or freaks of's just a group of people trying to survive an event of apocalyptic proportions. It's great.

I loved the main character and his companions too. I hated the people they hated, I really liked the people they liked, I was scared for them when they were in danger and I was sad alongside them too. I'm amazed that such a small book could have packed so much into it. I was really sad when I reached the end. Although, the end makes me want to believe that somewhere in the future there will be another book to follow. I think it ends here though and I'll have to imagine what the future holds for the lead character, but I can hope....

I wish there were more books like this one. Good, old fashioned, last man standing type stories with no monsters or otherworldly beings or souped up mental powers. Just a person/people with just the clothes they stand up in, trying to rebuild a semblance of a life with what is left over from their old world. I love all that.

I definitely would recommend this!