Review - Bloodlust by Alex Duval

Bloodlust  - Alex Duval

This is a book which is aimed at teens/young adults yet still manages to entertain and hold the attention of older readers too. It's a really easy, quick read but there's plenty packed into the pages to make it a solid story.

There are countless vamp books out there to choose from but Vampire Beach - Bloodlust (which is the first in the series), has enough differences from those others to make it seem a little be new. It's a cross between 'The Lost Boys' and 'The OC' and if you like either of those then this is definitely for you.

Because this is the first book in the series a lot of time is spent on character and world building, but it still manages to weave in an interesting story and pull off a few twists and turns which lead nicely onto the second book in the series 'Initiation'.

I'll carry on with the series and I look forward to getting to know the characters better as each book progresses. Bloodlust is the start of a very promising series.  There a a lot of teens, some of them angsty but not nearly as much as you'd imagine.