Review - Memory Zero by Keri Arthur

Memory Zero (Imported) - Keri Arthur

This was my first Keri Arthur book so didn't know what I was going to get. Turned out I got a good story.
It's paranormal, yes, but the thriller catagory is a better fit.

It'a a thriller first and foremost. There's a spot of romance thrown in but mostly it's about police murder investigations, a framed cop and a villain trying to outwit and avoid the law. Everything a good thriller should be.

However, it's set in a time and place where otherworldly creatures are the norm in society (even if society doesn't know about them) and so the characters are shape shifters/changers and monsters of indeterminate origin and vampires (and not the sparkly, cute kind either).

This is the first in a trilogy so there's a lot of world/character building but there's still a lot of story packed in too. I have a couple of criticisms though. As good as the story is, I found some of the characters a bit confusing because it was hard to keep tabs on who the shape changers were at any one time. The ability of some shifters to 'change' into one of the other characters kept things interesting but made it hard to know 'who was who'. Also, the ending seemed very rushed and didn't keep the same pace as the first three quarters of the book which jarred a bit.

I would recommend this book as a good and solid story and if you're into thrillers and/or paranormal then this is for you.

I'm looking forward to part 2.