An open post to Booklikers everywhere...


Of all the things that could be considered stressful about joining a new community, I really only find one thing stressy - The following/followers thing.


I'm loving finding new friends and feeds to follow.  I love waking up to a slew of new posts to read, ranging from reviews to new releases to site news and even to the rants.  Really enjoying my time here so far and reading all the posts.


But every time I follow someone or someone follows me, I stress.  I'm not sure of the etiquette.  I'm getting worn out by trying to second guess myself.  


If I follow you it's because I really want to hear what you have to say.  We might share the same likes in books, you might have interesting discussions or I might just want to follow you because you post such great gifs.  My reasons are numerous.  But then I worry that you'll think I'm only following you because I want a follow back....


The flip side of the coin is you might follow me to remind yourself of where you found a tutorial (and that's fantastic and gives me joy!) but we maybe don't actually share book tastes.  I wonder if I'm supposed to follow back anyway...  I'm a worrier. 


Life is too short though so I thought I'd just get this 'out there' so that I can rest easy and we can be on the same page (see what I did thar? :D ) .


Please don't feel like you have to follow me back if you'd rather not.  I understand.  I'd be thrilled if you did, but don't feel obliged to, just because I followed you.


Conversely, if you follow me and I don't follow you back, please don't be offended.  It may just be that I don't share your interests but I appreciate the connection you've made and will try to post regularly for you.


Maybe I'm the only one who feels like this, I have no clue, I just wanted to get it off my chest so I can get back to enjoying my new home on the interweb and sleep easy :)