I've lost my little follower icon thingy :(

Some people I thought I was following seem to not be in my following section any more....I'm trying to re-follow the one's I've found to be missing but I've got no clue who's not there any more...  Is this happening to anyone else?


Is there a way that the person I was following has stopped me following?  If that's the case then that's fine, it's their option to do that but I'm worried it's something this end. I know it's not something I've done physically but somehow I'm not a follower when I used to be.


I has confuse.


Many apology's if it shows that I am no longer following you when I used to be... It's not something I had a hand in :(  I have no idea who is missing from my list now so if anyone has any tips on how to stop it happening, please holler.