Badwater (Forensic Geology, #1) - Toni Dwiggins

Slowly, slowly trying to sort out my shelves here, and trying to do it in such a way so as not to spam everyone's feed with my almost 2000 books!!


Just sorting out my 'maybe's' at the moment and removing the forced 'planning to read'  tag from the 'maybe' shelf and I get to this one...


Took a quick glance at the little thumbnail title to make sure it's still something I'd like to read and thought the title said 'BEDWETTER', lmao!!  Wondering why on earth I'd want to read a book about someone with incontinence problems!!  Ahahahahahah.


BADWATER.  No clue what it's about but (I hope) it's not about bedwetters!


Should probably go get my glasses....