If you're not an Outlander fan you might want to look away now,, I'm known to get gushy when on the topic of Jamie Fraser


After a lively discussion over at Woman Reading which started off as a book peeves post and ended up as a fangirly rave about Outlander, I was reminded of a video I made a few years ago.  For anyone who doesn't know (and I'm assuming most not only don't know but don't care either, lol)  I'm Scottish.  Unsurprisingly my husband is also Scottish.


Anyhoo, a while back (and on another message board) I was part of a discussion where it was jokingly mentioned that I should convince my husband to make a youtube video himself of reading Jamie Fraser's lines from the books, complete with every mmmphm, Sassanach and dinna.. 


Did my hubby jump at the chance?  Not a hope!  Just for a bit of fun though I made a youtube video anyway, but not of him reading the lines...more like how it might go down for someone who's husband wasn't Scottish.


Anyway, here's the video I made.  Just a bit of fun but the music alone makes me want to watch it again so I thought I'd post it here for any other Outlander fans :)