Review - Highland Surrender by Tracy Brogan

Highland Surrender - Tracy Brogan

This has such a lovely cover and I was hoping that the story inside would be equally appealing.  Turned out that it didn't really do a lot for me though, unfortunately.  Overall I'm left with a feeling of frustration.  

Historical Romance, set in Scotland in the reign of King James.  First problem: considering it's a period piece there doesn't seem to be a lot of actual History here.  If the romance had been stronger I might have overlooked this but at least give me one or the other, if not both  


Biggest problem however, was that I didn't actually like the leading lady, Fiona.  She and Miles (from an opposing clan) are forced into marriage by Royal decree and it's hate on first sight (from her point of view) even though there's nothing actually wrong with Miles (or his family).  He bends over backwards to try and make the marriage bearable for Fiona but she seems bratty for the sake of being bratty to him.  Her family hated his family so by proxy she's going to make his life miserable, just because she can, not because he gives her any reason to.  This goes on until well past the half way point by which time I was thoroughly sick and tired of Fiona and her constant negativity.   Almost two thirds of the book before I got any romance, which incidentally was so sudden a change in attitude from Fiona that I almost got whiplash...  

Instead of of hoping they'd sort out their differences and get it together I actually hoped Fiona would make a run for it or that Miles would ditch her.  I don't think that's the desired reaction for a reader of romance.  The story got a bit more interesting from that point on but by then it was too little, too late.


Note: I received a free copy of this title from the publisher.