Anyone know a shop that sells time?

Dancing with Paris (A Paris Time Travel Romance) - Juliette Sobanet The Lost Library - A.M. Dean Take Me Home - Nancy Herkness Changing Lanes: A Novel - Kathleen Long The Curiosity - Stephen Kiernan My Husband Next Door - Catherine Alliott Love is a Thief - Claire Garber

I have these 7 books to read and review and I just don't seem to have enough hours in my day.  I'm pretty sure I don't get the full 24 that everyone else seems to get. 


One of these is in audio format so that will be a quick-ish one, one I've already started and the other 5 range in timescales of 8 to 21 days left until review deadline.


If I'm not around for the next while, you'll know where I am...I won't be reading -- I'll be shopping for boxes of time. :D


We had a 7 hour power outage last night from 6pm to 1am so I got a little bit of kindle reading done.  Thank God I had enough charge to last me.  No heat, no electricity, no internet, no telly, no telephone, no hot food or drinks...nothing except pitch black darkness and dropping temperatures.  Didn't realise how much we depended on the juice coming into the house.  On a dark country lane with no street lights and the few houses round about also in darkness is creepy as all get out when it's blustery and wet outside and a cloudy night with no moonlight.


Four of us plus the dog and the cat all in the same room trying to keep warm and listening to the wind and rain outside.  Started off like a little adventure, trying to keep occupied with nothing but the light from the kindle a wind up torch that cast a beam for about 15 seconds between each wind up and a couple of scented tea-lights but the novelty soon wore off. We took it in turns to run the battery down on our laptops while we crowded round each 15 inch screen to watch rubbish dvd's of movies we'd all seen countless times.


When the apocalypse comes we will be sorely under-prepared here, if last night is anything to go by.