Review - Love is a Thief by Claire Garber

Love is a Thief - Claire Garber

Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint why I like or dislike a book.  At times like these I judge with my feelings.  I'm a bit unsure how I feel about this one.  I liked the story, it was a great premise and really interesting and fun.  I wasn't overly fond of how the story was told though.

It was sometimes quite hard to follow what was going on (and when it was taking place) so I had to constantly stop and re-read parts to try and get the timeline straight in my head before continuing.  It got frustrating.  It was also a bit hard to follow conversations too, as there wasn't always a noticeable break to indicate a new person talking.  It was funny, that's true but sometimes the humour felt forced and too much.

Some of the characters I really liked a lot but a few of them felt like caricatures taken to the nth degree.  I don't know how to explain how I feel about it.  It just seemed like a lot to take in, it was hard to just enjoy the story for what it was

It was an enjoyable story, it just has it's flaws.


Note: I received a free copy of this title from the publisher.