*Masterpost* - Huffpost and/or NY times article about Booklikes and GR?

I didn't save the articles written about the latest exodus from GR to BL when Huffpost and the NY Times wrote about them....


Anyone have links to the articles?  I can't find them now :(


I found the salon one though... - Just adding so I can find it again....


Salon article - 23rd Oct 2013


and this one...


Soapboxing - Oct 2013


Might as well use this as a Masterpost for all the snippets that interest me about this....


This might get loooong, so I'll add a cut -

 The following links were sourced from the wiki here


Washington Post - 23rd Sept 2013


Salon - 9th Oct 2013


Salon - 31st Mar 2013


LA Times - 11th Jun 2013